Sunday, November 05, 2017

Run for Your Life

And I was actually starting to feel hopeful...

The New York City Marathon went off without a hitch today, just days after eight innocent people were slaughtered in Manhattan in the name of a psychotic delusion.

Once again, my home was the target of a fundamentalist murderer, 16 years after the September 11 attacks.

This latest scumbag told the police that he had planned his attack for Halloween because there were would be more people on the street.

His victims included five friends from Argentina celebrating their high school reunion and a young mother from Belgium. Yeah, I’ll better Allah is just tickled pink by all these dead infidels, you asshole.

I didn’t think things could get any worse, but then that Putin-loving fuckwad in the White House proved me wrong by tweeting a vile load of politically-motivated bullshit before the victims’ bodies were even cold.

What the hell is wrong with this scumbag Trump? And what the hell is wrong with his idiot supporters who still stand behind him after all the lies, screw-ups, bigotry and flat out corruption?

He didn’t make any political comments after the Las Vegas massacre; Republicans were too busy shrieking “too soon!” at the slightest mention of gun control.

I lived through the Bush years, when that imbecile stood upon the charred remains of the 9/11 victims and ordered that disaster in Iraq, which helped create Isis.

What's the Good News?

The scandal-wracked Trump Administration is in desperate need of something to get the Russia investigation off the front pages and starting a war is an all-time favorite among imperialists and two-bit dictators.

Impeach, impeach, impeach…

So that's why I was really looking forward to watching the marathon pass through my neighborhood. I do this every year, but today I was really in need of some good news.

And for a while it worked. The weather was crappy, but nobody seemed to mind. There were runners from all over the world, runners in wheelchairs and on crutches. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, they were all racing through the streets of my city and charging the atmosphere with beautiful vibrations.

I was having a blast, high-fiving runners, taking photos, and shooting the breeze with fellow spectators. Watching all those athletes rolling down Fourth Avenue, I starting to feel some stirrings of optimism.

Yes, these fundamentalist mother fuckers are a curse upon the world. And, yes, I am afraid for myself and my loved ones because I don’t know how we stop these suicidal sons-of-bitches from striking again, and again, and again.

If someone decides to take his own life, all the pathetic macho man posturing in the world won’t do shit to stop him.

But look at all those runners out there, I thought. Look at all those good, decent people, who just want to enjoy their lives. They’re stronger than any terrorist on earth. And I know that Trump will fall and fall hard.

And then I read about Texas where a gunman invaded a small-town church, killing at least 26 people. The dead include the pastor's 14-year-old daughter.

Her father said she was "one very beautiful, special child."

We don’t have all the details yet, but what fucking difference does that make? Nothing will change, the killings will continue, and there will be no place to run.


Jay said...

Our hearts sink, too, Rob, when we read of yet another gun-fuelled massacre in your once-great country. Oh, terrorism in various forms is being perpetrated all over the world, we know that, and there are more ways to kill people en masse that you can shake a stick at, but let's face it, this particular stupidity seems unique to the USA. Where else in the civilised world can you find such outrages being committed on a regular basis, while the politicians sit on their hands and do nothing, and 'the people' back them up? It's insane!

But this too shall pass, my dear friend. Hang onto that thought. One day, it will change, and gun control will be a reality. I believe this to be true.

Now. I'm off to see if I can make an upbeat blog post!

Bijoux said...

Every time we leave the house, it's a crapshoot, isn't it? Between the terrorists, the hackers, and the mentally deranged, so far life in the medieval ages is looking better than the 21st century.

Rob K said...

It's pretty scary, Bijoux. I keep thinking we've turned a corner, and then we run straight into some fresh nightmare. Stay safe!

Rob K said...


Thanks so much for your encouraging thoughts. It's kind of hard to be optimistic when you're surrounded by mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

Somehow the immigration laws resulted in the Halloween attack in New York, but guns aren't the problem behind the Texas shootings. The logic escapes me.

Take care and I am so looking forward to that positive blog post!