Thursday, September 03, 2015

Attila the Doctor

All right, ladies, let’s give it a rest, okay?

I just got done ranting about a pile of cyber-dreck by Sherry Francis and the incredible Dr. Orissa, who helped Sherry get back her wandering husband, and now “Julia Andrea from USA” clogs up my comment section with the story of her husband coming back to the fold.

As my mother used to say when one of us spoke out of turn, “who stepped on your button?”

Oh, and Julia? It’s the USA.

I’m sure you already knew that being such a good American and all, but I thought I’d point that out to you in case you go crashing somebody else’s blog.

I never believed that i could finally get back the happiness and the love that was gone after my husband left me totally,” Julia tells me in a totally unsolicited spiel. “I couldn't just believe that spells and magic could turn my thoughts and my dreams into reality in getting back with my husband after he served me with divorce papers…My ex husband after the divorce never showed up to me and the kids anymore, he finally made up his mind on me and said it was over. 2 years after our divorce.”

He finally made up his mind that it was over two years after the divorce? The divorce sounds pretty final to me.

I was still out trying to get him back and i did all that i knew best could make him happy,” Julia continues “and my mum and everybody around just advised i should forget about him and move on with my life, because they felt he was gone forever and was never gonna return.

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Sounds like your mum and everybody around you are pretty sharp, especially those doctors with the Prozac. Maybe you should listen to them. Or is there something more that you’re gonna tell us?

But i never gave up on trying to get him back,” Julia proudly declares, “because i so much loved him beyond what anybody could ever imagine. I met a spell caster, and what drew my attention most was the fact that this spell caster was from Africa when i contacted Dr ATILA.

Why did the fact that the guy was from Africa draw your attention? I’m sure we’ve got plenty of great spell casters right here in USA…I mean the USA. And do you really want to do business with a guy named Atlia? Sounds like things could go real bad real fast if you didn’t pay your bill on. Wasn’t Dr. Orissa available?

And that so much gave me the assurance because i have heard much more on how he has helped alot of people,” Julia gushes, just bursting at the seams, “and with the help that Dr ATILA rendered to me, he saved my marriage and reunited me and my ex husband back together again with his powerful spells. Thank you so much Dr ATILA for your help in reuniting me and my husband again, if not for you, my life would have permanently turned out to b a mess.”

Julia’s message ends with an email address, which I’m not including as I don’t want to give Dr. Atila any free advertising and have my blog permanently turned out to b a mess.

I’d like to get a spell caster to stop receiving these moronic missives. But then maybe by complaining about Sherry and Julia Andrea, I opened some kind of Pandora’s box and now all manner of lovesick losers will regale me with their spam stories.

Julia and Sherry? Please don’t take this wrong way, but I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if you and your goddamn husbands all got hit by a runaway garbage truck.

Get off my lawn, go play where you live, put an egg in your shoe and beat it. And ask your husbands how they were able to disappear so effectively. And then get lost.


Bijoux said...

What planet are these people from?

cestlavie22 said...

Oh geez you have become a target! Maybe they see your posts as some form of free advertising?!? Either way! Run!!

Rob K said...

They love me, Shae! And, yes, I'm running!

Rob K said...

@Bijoux--I think it's more like the Ninth Circle of Hell. Or at least that's where they belong!