Monday, August 01, 2005

Crash and Learn

My computer crashed last week and I damn near joined it.

After endless hours on hold, I finally got through to the Bombay Brigade, who promptly put me on hold. This went on for days, I stayed up till 3 a.m. three nights running, cursing, screaming, and getting nowhere.

During the day, I ran to a local internet cafe, one of many Arabic businesses in this neighborhood, to check my e-mails and look for jobs that I couldn't apply to. And then I was back on the phone to India at sundown. I had to deal with people who could barely speak English, who knew virtually nothing about computers--it was a nightmare. (Although I did get an idea for a short film from it. What the hell? What else was I going to do?)

Somewhere in all this, the Dell (oops! did I mention their name??) Center got hit by a flood. I thought this was a pipe busting in the can, but it turned out to be a real, honest-to-God flood, that hit the India offices. It killed hundreds of people, but I was so twisted by then all I can think of was me and my problems.

I've got just about everything back online, though my computer's memory has been wiped clean, forcing me to sign into sites and accounts all over again.

And therein lies the lesson.

It sucks having the system crash, but it's also an opportunity to start fresh. What if I can do that with my own memory? What if I can could get rid of my old, destructive thought patterns and start fresh, with no built in prejudices? Pretty powerful stuff.

It is interesting that my computer hit the deck while I was taking that Goal Imaging class at the 92nd St. Y. It's like I've got all the negativity wiped out to make room for the positive view.

Restart, Robert, restart.

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