Thursday, January 20, 2005

Coronation Day...

It's almost midnight and I've managed to avoid just about every news item about the coronation of President Jethro.

If it wasn't for Air America, I'm be on top of a tall building with a salad shooter spraying the people below with raw zuccini. What happened to my country? I turned away for a second and it turned into Mayberry 666. What the f...?

On the personal note, I had a job interview yesterday and I've got another one coming up on Tuesday. Christ, I think it's easier to fake an orgasam than it is to show interest in these suck-ass positions. Dating is somewhat less successful, as Annie *(not her real name) has apparently given me the slip.

Don't know what I did wrong, but hope I had some fun doing it. I don't feel like following after this one to find out what happened. I believe the early stage of a relationship is like a jet in take-off. You need to reach the high altitudes quickly, without any problems or you'll be splattered all over the runway.

Maybe Annie Not-Her-Real-Name is some kind of Republican operative, a member of the Heretic Foundation spying on all us blue staters. Probably headed back to D.C. to attend the coronation and give her handlers a full report. She is from Buffalo after all...

Meanwhile, fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy four years. I figured if I can't get a job here, I'll go to Iraq and become a coffin maker. Those suckers have got to be busy.

God help America.

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Calamity Jen said...

As a Canadian (or an "American born abroad," as stated on a certificate that my ex-pat parents obtained for me when I was a baby), I always find it refreshing to read the non-jingoistic writings of enlightened Americans. I am sorry about your countrymen's uninformed voting. I feel bad enough as a left-winger under a Conservative government; I can't imagine how hard it is to be a liberal under the rule of Dubya.