Friday, August 01, 2014


Of course it’s going to rain tomorrow.

Naturally the weatherman says there will be downpours all morning, the very same morning that I’m scheduled to fly out to Colorado.

The idea of flying isn’t terrifying enough for me; oh, no, I had to have a monsoon rolling into town when I take off into the sky.

“Saturday will be a good day to stay in bed,” the meteorologist on NY1 said yesterday.

If only, pal, if only.

I’m taking a third run at visiting my brother and his family in Colorado, the last two attempts having been scrubbed due to illness and hideous weather.

I’m hoping the third time will really be a charm, but the pre-travel agita is gnawing at me something fierce.

I’m worried about the flight, about the drive to the airport. I’m worried I’ll forget something or that there’ll be something wrong with my plane ticket.

I’m worried about things that I can’t even name.

My mind is on total recall, dredging up all the mistakes and missteps I made in the last 20 years.

Now Boarding...

It’s amazing to see how this twisted mechanism automatically springs into action whenever I’m stressed out.

The trick is recognizing this destructive behavior and redirecting the energy for good instead of insanity.

I don’t like change; it’s really that simple. I’m uncomfortable with changing my routine even it’s for something good, even if the routine is driving me to distraction.

I know I should be excited about the trip and at some point I know I will be, but right now there’s a lot of static in my brain.

I saw a young woman emerging from the subway the other day with a t-shirt reading “Disrupt All Things.” It sounds like one of those sayings that’s easier to recite than it is to actually put into motion.

I went to mass at Trinity Church today and after the service I asked Rev. Mark to give me a blessing for my travels.

God love him, he actually put his hand on my beautiful bald head and made the sign of the Cross over me.

It was so comforting I was able to relax for a little while.

I have be to up early tomorrow so I’ll be going to bed soon and I’ll try to get some sleep.

In the morning, I’ll get up, take my bags and Rev. Mark’s blessing, and head off into the clouds.

My blog posting and blog reading will be spotty over the next few weeks. Take care, blog on, and I’ll catch up with you all very soon.

Disrupt all things…


Ron said...

Rob, I know exactly how you feel because before I left to go back to Florida and visit my family after not having flown in 11 years, I had anxiety too. But I'll tell ya, as soon as the plane got in the air I was so okay with it.

Also, coming back to Philly from Florida we had weather conditions similar to tomorrow (heavy rain and stormy skies) so I thought the takeoff was going to be bumpy and rough, but it wasn't at all. It was so smooth.

Have a faaabulous time on your vacation, buddy! Know that you will be missed these next few weeks, so we'll be eagerly anticipating your return and sharing stories and photos.

Happy Journey to you!

Rob K said...

Thanks, Ron, you're the best! I really appreciate your support, especially when i'm so flipping nervous!

Take care, buddy, and we'll catch up soon!

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm the same way about routine. I hate flying--something about being trapped up there, with no control over what happens. Same with elevators. I helps to not think about it. But the routine part throws me off. Some of my best memories are from going outside of that routine and I'm always happy once I'm in the middle of it, but the older I get, the more I can't wait for vacation to end so I can get back to my routine. Maybe that's a sign we love our day-to-day lives!!! When I hated my job, I lived for vacation and dreaded the end of it.

I hope you have a great vacation.

Bijoux said...

Yeah, you sort of expect bad weather issues at Christmas when flying, NOT August! I feel your pain.

Saying a prayer for a safe trip for you and a relaxing time with family.

Rob K said...

@Bijoux: Thanks so much for your prayers!

Have arrived safely in Colorado! I'll update when possible!

Take care!

Rob K said...


"Some of my best memories are from going outside of that routine and I'm always happy once I'm in the middle of it..."

How true, Stephanie, how true!

I'm here in Colorado just enjoying the newness of the place! So glad I broke my routine!

Take care!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hello Rob, It's very nice meeting you. Have come from Ron's to share in our favorite travel experiences. Your photo of yourself climbing reminded me how difficult it is. I don't climb, but I did in Pitlochry, Scotland and thought I'd remain at the top, never to be seen or heard from again. Luckily, I was with an experienced climber, or that would never have been an experience.

Since I'm not a seasoned flyer, I empathize. I always kiss the ground when I've arrived. Not that I've had the worst experiences, I haven't. Most of it is in my mind. But nervewracking, nonetheless.

I hope you're having a wonderful vacation, Rob! Sincerely, Petra :))

Anonymous said...

Have fun my friend! The flight will be fine and you will be so proud of yourself for getting through it! Look forward to your return :)

Rob K said...

@Shae, Thank you so much! I'm on the road right now and I'm looking forward to catching up with you!

Take care!

Rob K said...


Hi, there! Nice to meet you, too, and thanks so much for stopping by!

I'm so glad you survived your climb in Scotland! Most of worse experiences in flying--and life in general--have been in my mind!

I loved your photo on Ron's blog, btw!

Take care!

bonnie said...

I hope your flight went fine, the day didn't end up all that bad. I was supposed to lead a 15-mile trip for the club, I cut it down to a 9-miler because the longer trip requires a lunch stop on a beach, which sort of sucks in the rain, while the shorter one leaves the option of going back to the club - as it was we ended up taking two nice leisurely beach breaks on the islands in the harbor. I wonder if you flew over us while we were out there? :D

CrystalChick said...

I'm sure you're doing just fine and enjoying a great visit with your family.
I don't fly well, but not for fears of the flight or forgetting things, etc., but for motion sickness reasons. Not that I'd be off jet-setting right now if I didn't have vertigo issues but it will be easier... say after my future lottery win. ;)

Neat photo of your cliff dwelling adventures in NM.

Rob K said...

Hey, Mary, thanks so much! I had a great time, which I will describe in an upcoming post! Good luck with that lottery win!

Rob K said...

@Bonnie: So glad the day worked out reasonably well. Two leisurely beach breaks sounds just fine to me!

And I made sure to wave when I flew over you guys! :)