Monday, January 26, 2009

Dell and Highwater

Well, my computer has crapped out on me once again.

I made the mistake of listening to this disembodied voice from Dell Tech Support and now instead of a computer that shuts off unexpectedly, I have a pile of junk that doesn't come on in the first place.

This has forced me to blog from an undisclosed location, kind of like Dick Cheney.

I can't believe this nightmare is still going on. Now Dell is going to send yet another technician over to my house to replace yet another part. What the hell is left to replace?

I've been screaming at them to give me a new computer for months, but apparently they think the Doctor Frankenstein approach is better.

I thought the whole point of having a computer was to make your life easier, you know, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, all that crap. My life has become anything but easier. The damn computer is on my mind all day.

At this point, I'd take Hal, the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sure he was a homicidal maniac, but at least he worked. That's more that I can say for the digital paperweight I've got sitting in my house.

I don't know when it's going to get fixed, I don't know if any of my files will survive the butchery that's been done--and has yet to be done--to the machine.

It was particularly annoying being amongst my fellow Brooklyn bloggers on Sunday--great event, Louise--knowing that my machine was on the fritz.

Naturally the computer goes down just when I had to get in touch with UPS about a delivery and I was forced to use their "help" line. I waited 30 solid minutes before screeching a string of obscenities and burying my phone in the backyard.

My aunt, who doesn't own a computer, is always complaining that operators at so many companies and government agencies always tell her to "check the website" when she wants information. I think I know how she feels.

Enough, you bastards! Just give me a new computer and get the hell out of my life. My next purchase will be a Mac and I will never say the word Dell again unless it is part of a nursery rhyme.


Jennifer G. said...

I gave up on Dell too. My new laptop arrived today; it's an HP (not in the budget for a Mac yet). Dell repeatedly tried to repair my old laptop and eventually gave up - they spent a lot of money they should not have on repairs that didn't work - then gave me a replacement laptop that was a refurbished piece of crap, not a new one as they should have, and it's been nothing but problems since. That's the one I'm not getting rid of. It never worked right. Dell's customer service sucks too. They probably spent more money sendign techs to my house than it would have cost for a new laptop, the fools!

Rob K said...

Yikes! So this is SOP for these DICKS. Now I know.

Some day I'll get a Mac, but not this week. Let me know how the HP works out.

Michele Cozzens said...

I've been a MAC user since 1986 and have NEVER had these kinds of problemas . . . Vaya con Mac and get the hell out of dell. Good luck.

Rob K said...

Thanks, Michele, I will be the Mac Daddy yet.

Calamity Jen said...

I know Macs can be budget busters but they're worth every penny.

I've probably just jinxed my own Mac... oh well.

Hope your Dell woes are cleared up soon.

Rob K said...

Thanks, Jen, but there's no end in sight. They just put in a whole system and the thing crapped out on me again last night.