Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad Girl Blogade

Calling all Brooklyn bloggers!

This Sunday, March 9, Bad Girl Blog will be hosting the monthly blogade at the Old Brick Cafe on Church Avenue in Kensington.

The theme of this event will be "Show and Tell" and she describes it on her blog as follows:

Bloggers are encouraged to be brave and give a reading from one of their best blog posts.

Or bring along your laptop and a screen and show us your best pics.

Or just tell us about your best post. Please plan to limit your presentation to about five minutes so everybody can have a turn.

The event kicks off at 12 p.m.

For $15 per person (tip at our discretion), the menu includes:
--an appetizer pastry called burek
--a main course of cevapi (shish kebab), chicken cutlet or vegetarian lasagna
--dessert and coffee

The Old Brick Cafe is located at 507 Church Ave. between Ocean Parkway and E. 5th Street (very close to the Church Avenue stop on the F train, and not far from the Q stop on Church Avenue)

So come on down, bloggers, and bring your best stuff with you.

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