Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogade News

I went to the monthly Brooklyn Blogade yesterday and had a great time.

This is a group of really cool Brooklyn bloggers who get together, eat, shoot the breeze and exchange fabulous ideas.

I was tempted to stay home because I was still getting over my cold, but I didn't want to lay around the house by myself all day.

The event was hosted by Eleanor Traubman and Mike Sorgatz of Creative Times and they did a terrific job.

We met at Faan Restaurant, a really nice Asian fusion place on Smith Street.

I had forgotten that I had eaten there several times in the past and, upon seeing the name, assumed that this was an Irish place with some Celtic moniker.

You know what happens when you assume, right? Good, then I won't repeat that cheesy old chestnut.

I had left the address home--yep, yet again--and I was wandering down Smith Street, looking up at all the signs until my fellow blogger Chris of Flatbush Gardener flagged me down and pointed me in the right direction.

Now it's time to let the world about the next Blogade, which will be hosted by Joyce Hanson of Bad Girl Blog. That's her photo up there, which I took from Flatbush Gardner.

From her blog:

Time for "Show & Tell": Bloggers are encouraged to be brave and give a reading from one of their best blog posts. Or bring along your laptop and a screen and show us your best pics. Or just tell us about your best post. Please plan to limit your presentation to about five minutes so everybody can have a turn.

The event takes place on Sunday, March 9, at 12 p.m., in Kensington at the Old Brick Cafe, a little Italian/Balkan/Mediterranean restaurant on Church Avenue.

I'll be there and I'll be packing a trunk full of stuff to read. Now some of you other Brooklyn bloggers show up, too. Let's see your face at the place.

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