Monday, May 01, 2006

Lest We Forget...

It's three years today since "Mission Accomplished"....How many American soldiers have died, have many have been wounded, maimed, and crippled for life? How many innocent Iraqis have died for this "War on Terror"?

I remember when President Top Gun came strutting across the deck of that aircraft carrier, the infamous sign high above his head. It was all fake, all a lie, and the American people lapped it up.

If there is anyone who still believes this monkey told us the truth about weapons of mass destruction, they are in dire need of electro-shock therapy.

The Bush loyalists are really a cult, who will believe anything their lord and master tells them and turn on anyone who tells them otherwise.

It is a sick, sick age in which we live. I tell people that my America is dead, that the neocons and the Christian fundamentalist psychos have taken over, but I'm feeling more aggressive lately. I'm thinking it's time we took our country back from these bastards.

Of course the fact that Bush is sinking in the polls makes me angrier. I knew this guy was lying way back when he started this disaster. I didn't fall for the flag-waving and the drum-beating. People said anti-war protestors were traitors (though no one ever had the nerver to say that to my face.)

But now that our soldiers are getting killed, now that this thing has spun completely out of control, everyone hates Bush. Screw you, pal. Where were you when we needed you? Where were you during the '04 election?

So, it's been three years with no end in sight. There's not much more to be said; just count the bodies and pray for a clean sweep of the Rat-publicans in November. And then pray for impeachment.

Until that time keep your head low. If you've got loved ones over there, my heart goes out to you. But the truth is, we all have loved ones over there. And we all should be demanded that they be sent home.

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DesertPeace said...


From your 'keyboard' to Gods eyes...

Rob K said...

Right on, Peace.