Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mission Accomplished

So we're coming up to third anniversary of the war that was supposed to have ended in three weeks.

So shock and awe has turned into blood and guts. So U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians are being killed and maimed on pretty much a daily basis.

So what?

At least we've still got George Bush in the White House. And may God help us all.

I can still remember the day when The Chimp in Chief first pitched the Iraq war lie to the American people. We were still hurting from the fresh and terrible wounds of 9/11, our soldiers were fighting and dying in Afghanistan, and Little Georgie took to the tube to talk about the threat from...Iraq?

I stared at the T.V. in disbelief. What was this schmuck talking about? Iraq had not attacked us on 9/11, the people responsible for the attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center were in Afghanistan.

Then the chatter started, the lies, the distortions, the half-truths, all aimed at selling this war. Weapons of mass destruction, smoking guns and mushroom clouds--dog and pony, smoke and mirrors, ham and egges, doesn't matter what you call it, every word was crap.

The attacks started, too, on people's patriotism, on their character, and their nationality. Remember Freedom Fries? Remember the shameless sliming of the Dixie Chicks?

They tried to link Iraq to 9/11, something so despicable you wonder how these no good lying bastards sleep at night. Unlike most of these neocon stay-at-home warriors, I was there on 9/11, I was at Ground Zero, across the bloody street from the Trade Center.

I wasn't sitting on my ass in front of TV screen far from the action, I wasn't scurrying around on Air Force One like our fearless leader, I wasn't wimpering in the White House basement like Condi Rice, while Richard Clarke ran the country.

Lies, Lies and More Lies

I was there when Osama Bin Laden--remember him?--attacked my country, my city, and my way of life.

News reports show that a mere five hours into the 9/11 attacks Donald Rumsfeld, that psychotic war criminal, was telling his staff to "go massive" in trying to connect 9/11 to Iraq.

So while thousands were dying, while family members were desperately trying to reach their loved ones--many of them in vain--and while decent, hard-working people were wondering just what in the hell happened, this lowlife was trying to use this tragedy as springboard into war.

As the war seemed more inevitable, as that emissary of Satan, Dick Cheney, beat the drums for invasion louder and louder, my father, a real soldier, who, unlike Cheney and Bush, actually fought for his country (a little thing called World War II--ever hear of it, Bushtards?) looked at the news is disbelief and said, "I can't believe my country is starting a war."

Well, I guess it wasn't his country anymore, at least not the one he risked his life for. No, this is now an oil guzzling theocracy run by rabid industrialists and supported by fundamentalist Christian maniacs.

The bombs started dropping on that night in March, followed by the quick toppling of the Iraqi government and the Saddam statue. And all the pathetic pundits were crowing about how right Little Georgie was and how wrong all those evil liberals were. They didn't know, nor will they ever admit, that this was the start of a national nightmare that has yet to end.

I know people say we should pull the troops out now, and believe me, nothing would please me more. But, as I and many others said before this fiasco got started, getting in will be a hell of a lot easier that getting out.

If we go now, civil war will likely break out and thousands more will die. If we stay, that'll probably happen anyway and more U.S. soldiers will die.

So, George, you get a great job. You started something we can't get out of, you sent thousands of innocent people to their deaths, and, of course, you gave a tax cut to the rich as well.

I can only hope that you and the rest of your crime family will be rounded up and put on trial for the many crimes you have committed against the American people and the world at large.

And only then will I say "Mission Accomplished."


DesertPeace said...

Mission Accomplished or Mission Impossible? Dubya and the Bushtards are so deep in their deceptions they could never dig themselves out at this point to save face...
There are two choices... Resignations or Impeachment NOW!

If you have an hour and twenty minutes to spare, paste this to your browser and watch a video that raises lots of questions about 9/11... you might be surprised...

Rob K said...

Thanks, Peace. And I agree with your two choices...either way we get rid of the bastards.

I am so flipping mad about this fiasco I can barely contain my rage.


Babsbitchin said...

I refer to them as the Texas Redneck and the good ol' boys. You know Bush is an oil hog and would fight for it tooth and nail. You have a well stated commentary. I'm not much on polotics but I can spot the truth when I see it. Have a good one buddy!!

Rob K said...

Thanks, Barbara. I tried to avoid politics in this blog, but I couldn't resist writing about the anniversary. Take cae.

Babsbitchin said...

Hell, I can't even spell it!! Must be one of those things I tend to black out. Hope you are well, my friend!

Rob K said...


Babsbitchin said...

Ok, I can't throw any stones at you because I too, went on a political rant. Just to let you know, you're not alone at all. I try to stay out of left field but I'm playing it tonite I guess. Hugs buddy!!