Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Seventeen

When David Cassidy died in November the last thing he said before he left this world was “so much wasted time.”

Those words came back to me today as I sit in the hospital lounge waiting for 2017 to end.

The new year will start in a few hours, and while I won’t be doing much to celebrate, at least I can take stock of my life.

Since my movements are so severely restricted, I’ve been taking a closer look at what goes on in my brain and I don’t particularly like it.

I spent far too much time regurgitating the awful past in a wasted effort to rewrite my personal history. I’ve said this many times before, but I have yet to learn the lesson.

Now that I am not running around like a lunatic, I can see just how much time I’m wasting tilting at the windmills in my mind.

So I think my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is going to be very simple: stop wasting time.

I have lost a lot of time due to this accident and I will be spending most of the new year just trying to get back to where I was before the snow hit the fan.

I don’t have much say in this physical recovery, but at least I can train my mind to avoid all of these traps and pitfalls that I set up for myself.

I really can’t afford to waste any more energy on things that have already happened. I just don‘t have that luxury.

This accident has really taught me that your life can change in an instant, so whatever big plans you have, start acting on them immediately.

I am literally learning how to walk again; first with a walker and now a cane. This seems like the perfect time to rethink my thinking.

I am not making any grand pronouncements, or looking to make sweeping changes. I just want to adjust my thought patterns so that I am looking forward with hope instead of staring down to the gutter with despair.

I will be leaving rehab soon and going home. I will need to focus my energy on maintaining a safe environment, since I won’t be able to bend my knees for the next several weeks.

It will be challenging, it will be difficult, and I know in my heart it’s going to suck big time.

But I will do my best to stay focused on my recovery instead of my condition. I’m going to stop wasting time.

Happy new year.


A Cuban In London said...

Focused on recovery, rather than on condition. There's a philosophical thought there! :-)

Happy New Year! :-)

Greetings from London.

Ron said...

"The new year will start in a few hours, and while I won’t be doing much to celebrate, at least I can take stock of my life."

Rob as I read this post, it seemed to me that you have MUCH to celebrate because you have learned from 2017. I have always believed that whenever we "learn" something, even from what seems like a negative experience, we grow.

And that, to me, is something to celebrate!

Bravo, my friend!

Happy New Year to you!

Rob K said...

Hey, Mario! I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive, even though it is quite challenging! Thanks so much for your support! :-)

Rob K said...

Hey Ron! You’re so right! We can learn from a negative experience and we can grow from them.

It’s hard to celebrate with my legs all wrapped up, but I won’t let this defeat me!

Happy new year!

Bijoux said...

Wow, I didn't hear that about David Cassidy. Interesting!

Well, I'm glad to hear you're returning home soon and I hope that 2018 is a better year for all of us. Sending you positive vibes!

Rob K said...

Oh thank you so much, Bijoux! Want to wish you and your family a very happy and very healthy new year!