Monday, January 21, 2013

Burden of Hate

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that he had decided to stick with love because “hate is too great a burden to bear.”

King was murdered by someone for whom hatred was no burden, and on this day, when we honor King’s memory and celebrate the inauguration of the first African-American president, I am sorry to say that hate is a growth industry in America.

It’s been over a month since the Sandy Hook Massacre and nothing has been done about the flood of guns in this country.

Yes, President Obama’s team came up with some noble ideas and he’s using his office to take some important steps, but the Republicans in Congress will never give an inch on any of the major concepts as they disgustingly cling to their bogus “Second Amendment rights” argument.

On Saturday a 15-year-old boy in New Mexico allegedly murdered his parents and three of his siblings using “multiple weapons, including a military-type assault rifle.”

After slaughtering his family, police say the boy loaded up a van with weapons and planned to drive to a nearby Walmart, shoot as many people as possible and then kill himself.

This latest atrocity happened on “Gun Appreciation Day”—honestly, that’s what the freaks called it—where gun lovers got together to celebrate how the endless supply of firearms somehow makes us safer.

Five people were accidentally shot at various gun shows that day.

The terrorists at the NRA called for armed guards in schools, a sickening image on its own, but these pigs sank even lower into their own filth when they used President Obama’s daughters in one of their insane advertisements.

Christ Almighty, even the Mafia doesn't go after children.

Oh, and by the way, a newly hired security officer at a charter school in Michigan left his unloaded gun in a school restroom “for a few moments.” So much for the "good guys with guns" theory.

There are people in this country who truly believe that Sandy Hook was staged, that no children were gunned down, and that the whole horrific incident was a fabrication created solely for the purpose of “taking our guns.”

These psychotics are so deranged they actually harassed a Newton, CT resident who had taken in four terrified children after they fled the bloodbath at their school.

They accused him of being an actor, posted his personal information online and tormented him via email and telephone. Stephen King couldn’t come up with a scenario like that.

Hatred isn’t a burden for these animals. It is mother’s milk, their lifeblood. And they couldn’t exist without it.

“We cannot mistake absolutism for principle,” President Obama said today, “or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

I agree with every word, but we must remember that President Obama has been the target of such vitriol that there are people who continue to question his citizenship and his religion.

Nothing will change. Hating is what we do best in America and while I know I should be reflecting upon the words of Dr. King today, all I can think about is when will the next massacre happen and how many people will die.


Ron said...

Amen to everything that you shared in this post, Rob!


And what's really scary is that the hatred in this country keeps getting more and more intense.

It's utterly sad.

Great vent post, buddy!

And thank you for sharing your voice.

Rob K said...

Hi, Ron. I was going to post something positive, but I got to thinking about the "scary hatred" you described and I went off in a different direction.

Take care, buddy, and keep your head low!

Daniel Bullard said...

I have enjoyed your Blog and your view of the people around you. That being said,I must disagree with some of what you have wrote.
I agree that something must be done about the guns in this country. We have criminals and mentally disturbed people getting guns at an alarming rate.
The people that buy guns and sell them on the street without a back ground check for the buyer are a big problem.
I agree that a back ground check for anyone purchasing a gun is necessary.
The "Bogus Second Amendment rights" that you write about is a right that many people would fight for. As many would fight for the right of free speech or voting rights etc.
I know of no one that I would allow to pick and choose what rights should stay and which ones should go.
I believe that we need gun control but not governmental control but personal gun control. Some of the ideas that have been come up with will not help to stop or deter a criminal from destroying our way of life.
Criminals do not care if they are not allowed to own a gun or that there is a sign that says Gun Free Zone.
It just allows them to know that they will not have any resistance. I worry about my children when they go to school.
I want them to be safe but we know that any bully(criminal) with a weapon could harm our children.
A weapon could be anything that could cause harm. I feel safer when the schools bring in protection for our kids.
The people that allow their guns to fall into the hands of criminals or mentally disturbed people should be held responsible. You also call the people that appreciate guns "freaks".
I own firearms and have since I was a young man. I hunt to supply my family with a supplemental supply of meat.
I have taught my kids and other people how to hunt and use weapons carefully.
I also have them for the protection of my family and I.
We live in the county where the protection of law enforcement would be at least 10 to 20 mins. away.
I could use all the common sayings that people use to justify needing a weapon to supplement 911 but I won't.
Also if someone needed my help to protect them from a "bad guy" I would help without reservations knowing that I may not survive.
The armed guards (police officers) that you speak of are common in a lot of big city schools already as are metal detectors.
This is not new. What is new is the criminals targeting our young innocent children.
Who would have thought that someone would be that sick?
No one,that is why we did not have protection for the Elementary schools.
The people that believe that Sandy Hook was staged are idiots. As are the people that are "birthers or 911 conspirators".
We all hope that there will be no more massacres.
Hoping and not giving our children protection is a horrible crime. Why are our politicians waiting to implement it?
You don't think that they are blind to the fact that the longer they wait the more chances it gives the mentally disturbed to do it again?
No,it couldn't be that. That means that our politicians are playing with our children's lives to advance an agenda.
That couldn't happen could it?
I hope that an honest debate is okay with you. I do enjoy your blog and your point of view.
You will not get name calling or hating from me. As long as you try not to call me a freak for owning guns.

Rob K said...


Of course an honest debate is okay with me.

I will not call you a freak for owning guns. And thanks for stopping by and saying nice things about my blog. My little ego needs all the praise it can get.

I am in favor of an assault weapons ban. The average citizen has no right owning these things--just like you can't own a nuclear bomb, a tank, bio-weapons or other similar nasty stuff.

People have a right to own handguns and hunting rifles, but the Second Amendment applies to a "well-regulated militia." I don't understand how people keep overlooking that very important phrase.

Personal gun control is a noble idea, but, as Sandy Hook and this latest massacre in New Mexico illustrate, it does not appear to be realistic.

This kid in New Mexico wiped out his whole family and was planning to kill a lot more people.

Mentally ill people are unpredictable and that's why we need to keep them away from high power weaponry.

Guards in school will cost money and we're living under a Congress that won't spend a dime unelss it's to help a corporation or protect a fetus. Everyone else is on their own.

Australia instituted some serious gun control measures after they had a mass shooting in 1996 (I believe.) They do not seem to have suffered any loss of freedom.

The NRA and its political pawns in Congress have been stonewalling on the assault weapons issue--or any other sensible attempt to curb the amount of deadly weapons in this country.

They are the ones playing with our childrens' lives.

And I don't want my nieces being gunned down by a mentally disturbed indiviual with an assault rifle just because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You may remember the "cop killer" bullets controversy when the NRA refused to budge on this vital issue. I know several police officers who immediately quit the NRA because of their hardline stance.

We have seen the diasterous "Stand your ground" laws leading to senseless deaths.

Criminals in Florida are also having a good time bumping off their enemies, btw, something the NRA doesn't like to talk about.

The US leads the world in gun violence.

This has to change. We can't go one living like this. People have to work together and, yes, tone down the rhetoric.

I shall certainly do my best in that score and I sincerely regret the use of the word "freaks" as it was not directed toward you.

Once again, though, I do thank you for sharing your thoughts about this most important issue.

I may not always agree with people on every topic, but I will certainly let them have their say. It is the very least I can do.

Take care.

Rob K said...

And just to show you I'm a straight shooter, so to speak, here's a link to a story where a gun owner successfully defended her home against a criminal.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

In England we shake our heads in disbelief over the bizarre rhetoric coming from the gun lobby and die-hard republicans who feel that guns equate freedom and make you all safer. The facts simply do not bear this out and never will.

You can have guns freely available in a responsible, law-abiding country where every single citizen is moral and upright and would never dream of pointing one at a fellow human-being and yet accidents will still happen and people will still die.

It only takes a moment's carelessness for a curious child to be put in a position where he can pick up a loaded weapon. As things stand, it only takes a few minutes in a gun shop and a mentally unstable or immature person with a grievance can walk out with a semi-automatic assault rifle, it seems. How can this be 'safer'?

The mind boggles. Well, ours do. I don't know about the lobbyists. Sometimes I wonder if they have a mind capable of boggling.

Rob K said...

It has been statiscally proven that having a gun in the houses increases the risk of suicide and/or an accidental shooting.

Women are also more likely to die in homes where guns are kept.

It is very telling indeed that the NRA has fought tooth and nail to keep the Centers for Disease Control from even doing any research in this area.

What, I wonder, are they are afraid of?

I'm sure the entire civilized world is appalled at what happens in this country, Jay.

Lobbyists are prostitutes who take their money with no regard for the consequences of their actions.

For every story of a brave citizen using a gun to defend him/herself from a "bad guy" there are countless more tragedies where innocent people die.

And the killings will go on, and on, and on...