Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Glenn and Me

Glenn Britt made $8.9 million as the chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable, but that's no resaon why he shouldn't take my phone calls.

I called Mr. Britt directly today.

I was fed up with dealing with the minimum wage androids on the company help line, the ones who seem incabable of telling why my cable, internet, and TV service has been out for the last 9 freaking days or when it might come back on.

I had to learn about Barack Obama's victory over the radio this morning because I have been denied the most basic forms of modern communication. Don't get me wrong, I love the radio, but there are some things you want to see.

It felt strange dialing Time Warner's number and, to be honest, I almost hung up. He's a big executive, he doesn't have time for the likes of me. But I held my ground.

No, goddamnit, I thought, if Glenn Britt wants to pull down all that money to do whatever the hell he does, than he can bloody well listen to his customers complaints. If my dry cleaner can do it, so can he.

This isn't Mitt Romney's America. Overpaid office boys are not some form of royalty. Most of them are clueless parasites who vote themselves raises and answer to no one.

And as far as building their businesses or making their own money, I suspect a lot of these people just waited around for daddy to die before collecting their checks. And then they buy off politicians to write laws friendly to their businesses. So please spare me the endless gushing. It's embarassing.

I got the automated answering system and I very carefully spelled out Britt's name. I felt sure I would be cut off any second or there would be some kind of internal security system that would thwart calls to the big guy's office.

But then I heard a few rings followed by a woman's voice saying, "Mr. Britt's office."

"Is he there?" I asked.

"Who's calling please?"

"My name is Rob Lenihan and I'm one his customers. And I haven't had any service for nine days!"

Oh, you should have heard the tension in this woman's voice. It was like "A customer Oh, no!"

She got so nervous I almost felt sorry for her. I hate people who pick on the hired help and I tried to calm down. I've been on the receiving end of such blind rage and I didn't like it, so I always try to keep my temper in these situations.

And to be honest, this woman did take my contact information and promised to have someone call me. I thanked her and a few hours later someone did call me.

And this woman said that the work crew wouldn't be coming out my way until November 12. I'm assuming that is November 12 of this year, but I'm not sure now.

I can't believe this is happening. I see how much I rely on the internet and I'm learning that I waste a lot of time web-surfing, but this is completely unacceptable. Except, of course, I have to accept it.

This second woman--the name escapes me--apologized profusely and said she'd try to get the crew out my way sooner. She also mentioned that she herself was living without electricity, but I was too steamed to pay much attention and I do regret that oversight.

I'm going to see if I can find another cable provider, but I have my doubts. The only other company in the area only offers dish television service and I've heard less than stellar things about the reception. But I may knuckle under because I can't stand the current situation.

So I had a problem and I went right to the top. I know my dad would have been proud of me.

I don't think I got much for my efforts, but I'm glad I let these people know that they work for me and not the other way around.

The priorities in this country have gotten screwed up and they need to be corrected--one phone call at a time.


Ron said...

"So I had a problem and I went right to the top. I know my dad would have been proud of me."

*thunderous applause*


And personally, I think you get A LOT for your efforts because there are not many people who would do what you did....go to the top!

It makes me mad to think the 'big wigs' have no human contact with their customers, but rather sit in their offices; having their hired help do all the dirty work.

I think you handled this situation very well. You were direct and outspoken, but you were sensitive enough not to take your frustration out on the woman who answered the phone.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your service back real soon, buddy!

"The priorities in this country have gotten screwed up and they need to be corrected--one phone call at a time."

Love how you said that!

Rob K said...

Hey, Ron, I appreciate the support. I'm just so fed up now I'll call anybody if I have to--this situation has completely out of hand. Wish me luck. Take care, buddy!