Sunday, July 08, 2018

Out of the Park

It all comes down to teamwork.

I’ve been working with this fabulous writing class for the last of couple of years now and today I joined my classmates for a reading of our various works in progress.

The class is coordinated by our teacher, the fabulous Rosemary Moore, and the reading was held at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The place has a history that dates back to the Dutch settlers and was a major site during the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776.

Rosemary had asked us all for a short bio to read when she introduced us and I emailed her one of my favorites:

Rob Lenihan is a writer and journalist who was born in Brooklyn the same year the Dodgers left. He hopes the two events were not related."

I usually get some laughs on that one and today was no exception. And I needed all the humor I could muster because I was scared to Hell and back as my mind cranked out a whole host of disaster scenarios.

What if my piece was too long? What if it was too short? What if the damn thing just flat out sucked? What if I stammered, stuttered, or stumbled on my way to the podium? I had done several rehearsals during the week and I was making some bigtime bloopers.

Oh, Jesus sneeze us, how could I not screw up this thing up?

Who’s a Bum?

Well, I’m happy to report that the reading went very well if I say so myself. I read at a decent pace, got a nice round of applause, and some kind words during the post-reading food fest.

And I’m so grateful that my most awesome sister not only came out to support her baby brother, but she also drove us to and from the event.

I must say it was an honor sharing the stage with such talented people. Signing up for Rosemary’s class was one of the very best decision I’ve made in a long time and I thank God that these folks are my friends.

Rosemary is a gifted instructor who brings out the very best in all of our students. She starts each classing by encouraging us to “turn off your censor” and just write. And then she gives us prompts that we can work into our drafts—or we may not.

The funny thing is that my classmates and I often grumble about Rosemary’s assignments only to find that she’s provided us with a great opportunity to do some tremendous work.

I can’t believe the stuff that she has helped pull out my head. In fact, I’ve actually come up with an idea for novel solely through her classes.

And tonight I learned that the Old Stone House has another historical distinction. It turns that the place was also the original clubhouse of the baseball team that would eventually become the Brooklyn Dodgers.

So, I wasn’t alone on that podium today; I had a whole team of baseball legends backing me up.

Now the weekend is over and the Monday dreads are kicking in. I wish I could make a living at what I do in Rosemary’s class and work with these wonderful people on a fulltime basis.

Well, maybe someday. Right now, I’ve got to face the reality of another work week. I’m hoping the Dodgers are still in my corner.


Bijoux said...

Super to hear, Rob! Does Rosemary give story starters or topics?

Rob K said...

Hi, Bijoux:

It's more like starters. And then halfway through the class, she'll give us lines of dialog written on slips of paper that we can use or ignore. It's freaky!

Ron said...

Rob, before I left my comment, I checked out the link to the Old Stone House in Park Slope and it's gorgeous! What a beautifully historical area of Brooklyn!

LOVE your bio! LOL!

"Well, I’m happy to report that the reading went very well if I say so myself. I read at a decent pace, got a nice round of applause, and some kind words during the post-reading food fest."

*applause and cheers*

That's AWESOME!!!! And yet I'm not at all surprised because as I've shared with you so many times of these years, I think you are such a gifted writer. And I really mean that. You have your own unigue style and it's absolutely wonderful!

Rosemary sounds like a GEM!

Glad to hear that all went well, buddy!

CONGRATS to you!!!!

A Cuban In London said...

She sounds like an amazing and very inspiring teacher. Glad it all worked out for you in the end.

Greetings from London.

Rob K said...

Hey, Ron, how's it going?

The Old Stone House is a gem. I went there for the first time about 10 years ago to attend one of the first Brooklyn BlogFests and I had a blast.

Rosemary is indeed and absolute gem and my classmates are such wonderful people. I just love them all to pieces!

And that you, my most excellent friend, for all your kindness and support! I feel truly blessed in having you as a friend and I'm so happy you're coming to New York!

Take care!

Rob K said...

@A Cuban in London:

Thanks, Mario!