Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bear Market

I'll keep this short and sour.

My computer is still on the fritz and I'm hunting and pecking this post on my I-phone.
But wait there's more.

I am also out of work, unemployed, and about to go back on the dole. The job I accepted just four short months ago has gone belly-up. It seems the publication I hired on to had been losing money for a while and could not be salvaged.

I learned this appalling news on Tuesday during a conference call from the Chicago office. I actually thought it was a joke and I was ready to say "knock it off; it ain't funny."

Only it was no joke. And it still ain't funny.

I have to be honest: the shock has not worn off yet.

So now it's back to searching the want ads, applying for openings, going out on interviews and hoping from hell to breakfast that I find something pretty damn quick.

I go back to my dad's motto: scared money never won. I know he was right but it's hard not be scared at a time like this. But that will only make things worse.

Last night I went down to Pier 1 to see the New York Classical Theater's production of "A Winter's Tale." The location is beautiful, the actors were fabulous--especially that poor bastard who had to wear a bear suit in this hideously hot weather--and it was free, which is very important right now.

After the show I walked down to the river and looked out at Manhattan's beautiful lights. This city can make you feel like a mite and a monarch simultaneously. I felt insignificant with one breath and invincible in the next.

Now I'm being chased by the bear. I can let him devour me or I can skin the son-of-a-bitch and have him for supper.

Does anyone know any recipes for bear stew?


Ron said...

Oh Rob, I am so sorry to hear about your job! When something like this happens, it knocks the wind right out of you because as you said, you're in total shock. And yes, it's scary too.

Just know that I'm sending you LOTS of positive energy; knowing that you WILL find another job, and quickly.

It seems that last week was a very strange week for a lot of us. BOTH my computers (my desktop and laptop) DIED at the same time. I was without a computer for three days. I finally up and bought one yesterday because I was desperate.

"This city can make you feel like a mite and a monarch simultaneously. I felt insignificant with one breath and invincible in the next."

I love how you expressed that because it's so true. Yet, that's the "greatness" of New York City because even though it might be tough at times, it's also a city that gives you tremendous inspiration, strength and support to keep moving forward.

The BEST to you, buddy!

Rob K said...

Hey, buddy, thanks so much for the positive vibes! I can feel them working their magic already.

So sorry about the computer woes. We're so dependent on this damn things that we're lost without them.

I'm so glad I've got you in my corner, Ron. I'm going to come through this wiser, stronger, and happier!

Take care!

Bijoux said...

That is shocking, Rob, esp after you were being sent on trips. Prayers being sent your direction!

valerie said...

sorry to hear about your job, that sucks. i'm sure something will come your way soon, especially if it has anything to do with writing. chin up.

Rob K said...

Oh thank you so much, Bijoux! It was a shock.

Rob K said...

Thanks, Val! The chin is up and I'm ready for the goodness!

CrystalChick said...

Oh, well that's just shitty news. I'm sure sorry about it… but, I know that you will find something else, something just right for you! Sending good thoughts and a little prayer that it will be soon.

Our computers are acting up lately… Verizon appt. tomorrow so hopefully it will be an easy fix or we might switch companies. Of course, they all promise the best service for the best price… then you sign the contract and it's like you can hear them chuckling.

Best of luck, Rob. You'll be fine though, I just know it. :)

Rob K said...

Oh, Mary, thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughts at this difficult time. Hope your computer problems get squared away real soon!