Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On The Fly

Get me the hell out of here!

My sister and I are taking off for Los Angeles tomorrow morning and after the shellacking I’ve taken today I’m ready to ditch the plane and swim all the way out to the Left Coast if I have to.

This might prove difficult given the large amount of dry land between here and California but then I ain’t thinking too clearly at the moment.

Over the years I have come to expect misery of all stripes to strike as vacation draws nearer. It’s a working stiff’s rite of passage I suppose.

Massive bills, sudden illnesses, work woes, and all manner of busted plumbing are to be expected as you prepare for some much needed rest and relaxation.

But even I was stunned by the avalanche of madness that slapped me upside my life today.

First I managed to somehow wrench my hip at the gym this morning. And what really burns me about this is the fact that I hurt myself after the goddamn workout.

Yeah, that’s right, it was after the weights, after the boxing class, when I went down to the locker room and bent over the water cooler in some weird angle and threw my entire body out of alignment. It’s been hours and the lower right quadrant of my back is still hurting.

Now Boarding…

I went into work praying for an easy day and a chance to sneak out ahead of schedule but instead I received a hearty “Yeah, right!” from Fate and wound up being busier in those eight hours than I was in the last eight days.

Can I get a “WTF”?

At some point I was able to laugh at all the grief heading my way. Not loudly or for a particularly long time, of course, but I was finally able to see some humor in all the horror.

And I knew that had this happened at any other time, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as upset as I was today.

It’s the pressure I put on myself when I travel where I let my fears gallop miles ahead of reality.

No matter. I’m home now, I’m nearly packed, and I’ve got our boarding passes at the ready. The car service will pick us up early in the morning and off we’ll go.

I still have the pre-trip agita but I’m trying to think of nicer things—like the trip itself, for instance.

I’ll probably fall behind in reading everybody’s blogs, but I promise I’ll get back on the job as soon as I am able.

Smile, keep your head down, and we’ll be together again soon.


Bijoux said...

Hope your time in LA is wonderful!

Ron said...

"Can I get a “WTF”?


I hope your back is feeling better today. And I know what you mean about feeling stressed before traveling because I get the same way about flying.

Have a GREAT time in Los Angeles with your sister, buddy!

See ya when you get back! Happy 4th of July.

P.S. Love the picture of Charlie Chaplin!

A Cuban In London said...

Hey, man, hang in there, aw'right? :-) Take full advantage of those holidays in LA.

And swim if you have to! :-)

Greetings from London.

Rob K said...

Thanks, brother!

Rob K said...

Thanks, buddy. Have arrived safety!

Stephanie Faris said...

I love L.A.! How exciting. That's the thing that sucks about big vacations like that, though. You worry all the way up to the day that something is going to happen that will derail your trip. Illness/injury doesn't necessarily wait until your vacation is over. My husband got a kidney stone a week before our vacation. Luckily it was a week before and he had recovered in time. But we got here and my brother-in-law caught 24-hour flu bug. We think he's over it now...just hoping none of the rest of us catch it!

Rob K said...

Oh, gosh, Stephanie, that bites! I hope your husband and brother-in-law are feeling better, and I hope everybody else stayed healthy. Take care!

Jay, Sparking Synapse said...

Oh, have a LOVELY time, Rob! I know you will, once you're on your way, if you're anything like me.

I suffer from pre-holiday anxiety too, and it's terrible, because it means that if it were left to me I'd never even get so far as planning a trip away. Luckily, OH is more proactive about it all. I just get so wound up, I need the holiday, to get over it!

Rob K said...

Thanks so much. Jay! I had a fabulous time!

That pre-holiday anxiety is so awful that sometimes I just don't want to go! But that's crazy and once we shove the nuttiness aside we can have a good time!