Sunday, July 28, 2013

Playing Many Parts

I thought those guys looked familiar.

I was heading up Bay Ridge Avenue to pick up my laundry tonight when I saw two men walking down the opposite side of the street.

I knew I had seen them before, but I couldn’t remember where.

Three more steps and it came to me: I had just seen them yesterday in a production of “As You Like It” at Shore Road Park.

They were undoubtably on their way to the park—a mere five minutes from my house—for the final performance.

I wanted to shout “bravo!” or “you guys were great!” but I didn’t want to embarrass them—or myself—by hollering across the street.

Now I wish I had said something because I had such a great time.

I go to Shore Road Park most weekends when it’s warm to read, relax, and ogle the women in their bikinis. Well, actually I start with the ogling and get around to reading only if there are no women around. No wonder I never finish the Sunday Times.

This weekend, however, I was moving beyond the lechery to take in the Act Out Acting School’s rendition of Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy.

Outdoor theater it is emblematic of summer to me and Saturday was such a beautiful day.

While my back situation is improving, I’m still reluctant to travel for fear I’ll have a relapse on the dark side of Palookaville and be forced to crawl back home on my hands and knees.

Mere Oblivion

This time, though, the show was coming to me. The Stones and Streisand have already played Brooklyn, so it’s only right we should get Shakespeare, too.

Combine the close proximity with the fabulous weather and it would've been a sin if I hadn't gone.

In fact, if I failed to show up, Shakespeare’s ghost would probably barge into my house screaming, “I busted my hump writing this stuff, you bald-headed little prick, the least you could is walk half-a-freaking-block and watch it!

So off I went, literally thanking God for the sunshine and blue skies.

I’ve been more miserable than usual lately, so I’ve been forcing myself to appreciate and enjoy the good things in my life and a day like Saturday was a real gift.

The play was a mobile affair, meaning the actors performed in different parts of the park and the audience had to follow them. Yes, there was traffic noise from the Belt Parkway, helicopters flying overhead, and blasting car stereos, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.

The action eventually settled in a wooded spot near one of the park’s entrances and, with the performers just a few feet away, I sat down in the grass to hear how all the world’s a stage and how all the men and women merely players.

I felt like one of the groundlings back at the old Globe Theatre--only I wasn’t throwing food at the actors.

When Rosalind asks “can one desire too much of a good thing?” I was sorely tempted to shout, “oh, hell, no!

Being a comedy, “As You Like It,” ends happily, and I was one of the happiest people around. I had such a great time for such a minimal effort. It was almost like having the actors perform in my living room.

Well, maybe next year. And they could pick up my laundry on the way over.


Ron said...

Oh Rob, what a FAB-U-LOUS post!

You are such a clever writer, my friend!

“I busted my hump writing this stuff, you bald-headed little prick, the least you could is walk half-a-freaking-block and watch it!”

Bwhahahahahahaha! CRACKED ME UP!!!

And yes, I've heard of Act Out!

Sounds like you had a super Saturday - perfect weather, outdoor theater, The Sunday Times, and a bit of "ogling!"

You GO, boy!

And I'm glad to hear your back is doing better!

Have a wonderful week, buddy!

Rob K said...

Hey, Ron! So you heard of those guys? They did a nice production of The Tempest last year in the same park.

It was a super day all around!

Take care, buddy!

Bijoux said...

How fun! A mobile production? That sounds fascinating. The audience really gets up and follows them? I would love to see something like that!

Rob K said...

It's really cool, Bijoux! It really draws you into the show.

I went to a similar production last year in lower Manhattan and had a blast:

Take care!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ah, that sounds fun! Do you know, I've never been to an open air theatre performance? Even though they do in fact do Shakespeare (very well, I'm told) not many miles from here? Probably because OH refuses to go.

I did see Lisa Minelli at the Hollywood Bowl though, along with a handful of other famous people. Does that count?

Rob K said...

Hey, Jay, I love the Hollywood Bowl, so, yeah, it certainly counts in my book.

You've got to strap OH to the bumper of your car and force him to see the Bard.

You may have to deal with bugs, heat, and noise, but you'll still have a great time!

Hey nonny, nonny...

Jay of the Depp Effect said...

Strap him to the bumper? AHAHAHAHAHA!! He would make my life a misery!

Rob K said...

Then leave him on the bumper!