Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mile Low

Maybe next year I should just skip straight to June.

Last May, I got some horrendous bug that refused to go away for the longest time. I figured that was just an aberration and that I couldn’t possibly get sick again at this lovely time of year. And certainly not two years in a row.

I’m glad I didn't put money down on that bet because right now I’m suffering through a perfectly wicked cold.

It started off yesterday afternoon as a little tickle in my throat, which I barely noticed but it quickly blossomed into a full-blown upper respiratory nightmare.

I’m coughing, sneezing, and dragging myself around the house like an extra from The Walking Dead. I thought May was all about rebirth and new beginnings, but so far the only thing merry about the month of May is that it’s playing merry hell with my nerves.

This is Mother’s Day and my sister’s birthday and instead of being out with my family, I’m home vegetating in front of the tube watching “Bar Rescue” and other, equally stimulating fare.

To make matters much worse, we were supposed to fly out to Denver on Tuesday to visit our brother and his family for 10 days. But this morning we decided to scrub those plans until a later date when, God willing, we’ll all be in better shape.

Bust A Cap

I don’t want to get any sicker nor do I want to infect my loved ones. And I don’t relish the idea of seeing all the sites through wincing, watery eyes.

I hate having to reschedule the trip. My niece sent me a cap bearing the Colorado flag a few months ago and every time someone asked me if I came from the Centennial State, I’d smile and say no, but I’m on my way.

God help the next loser who asks me about that cap.

I’ve never been to Denver before and I was admittedly nervous about going to some place new—as opposed to being excited the way a normal person would be.

But I know it would do me a lot of good to shake up my routine a little bit and do something different. Well, right now my routine is shaking like a James Bond martini.

Mother’s Day just makes everything more depressing. I dragged myself out to the supermarket to get some food and I started to tear up on the checkout line as I thought of my mother, who’s been gone close to 11 years now.

It’s still hard seeing all the Mother’s Day ads, and watching people walk by holding bouquets. And my mother used to take such great care of us when we were sick.

A little while ago my brother called me and I told him my sad story. It turns out my niece has not been feeling well either.

In addition, my brother and his wife will be closing on a house during the time we were supposed to be out there so it would have been difficult to see them. He suggested that we stay at their new home when we actually do visit.

So maybe this little disaster worked out for the best. I’ll rest up, get well, and get ready for a successful trip. I’m going to earn the right to wear that Colorado cap.


Ron said...

Oh shucks, Rob, sorry to hear about your upper respiratory nightmare. Don't ya just hate being sick? I had something going about a week ago, where I thought I was coming down with a horrible cold, but it ended up being a very bad allergy. This is the first year the pollen has affected me like this. It goes away and then comes back when the weather gets really humid.

And I'm also sorry to hear that you had to postpone your trip, but after reading your complete post, it sounds like it ALL worked out for the best. I remember last year when I had to postpone my trip to Florida because of the storm. It ended up working out MUCH better going a week later.

"It’s still hard seeing all the Mother’s Day ads, and watching people walk by holding bouquets."

OMG, I know, I was thinking the same thing today.

Anyway, sending ya LOTS of positive energy with this comment, that your feeling better real soon.

Have a super week, buddy!

Bijoux said...

Oh dear. I can't believe how much coughing and sneezing I've heard in the last week. Either something nasty is going around here or it's the pollen, which has been dusting our sidewalks and cars with a fine yellow powder. Is any OTC med helping?

No one takes care of you like Mom. I'm sorry you had such a lousy day yesterday :( these days are unfair to so many.

Have some chicken soup, drink plenty of fluids and take care, Rob. Big hug from Bijoux!

Rob K said...

Oh, Bijoux, thank you so much!

Yes, the OTC stuff is helping. It sucks to be sick, but there are people worse off.

I want to take this time to examine my own behavior to see if I can do a better job of taking care of myself.

Chicken soup and plenty of fluids are on the top of the list--and that hug really helps!

Take care!

Rob K said...

@Ron, how's it going?

Thanks for all the positive vibes--they're most appreciated!

It looks like the Denver trip wasn't meant to happen right now, but we'll get out there when the timing is better. Hope your allergy troubles are clearing up!

Thanks for stopping by, buddy, and do take care!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry, Rob. I cursed the other day after giving someone a lift in my car to find the next day that they were getting sick - but she seems fine now so maybe I'll be lucky.

It's no fun getting a bad cold, and particularly not this time of year. I do hope you shake it off quickly. Take vit C and zinc!!

"It’s still hard seeing all the Mother’s Day ads, and watching people walk by holding bouquets. And my mother used to take such great care of us when we were sick. "

Oh, isn't it just? Particularly when you're not well. I find it really hard too, this being the second Mother's Day without mine. I particularly hate all the happy, jolly spam in my email about bouquets, cards and so on, and all the happy, jolly posts on FB from families to their mothers .. but I can't (and don't) begrudge anyone the joy of having this for themselves and their own mothers. It's just hard to watch from the sidelines with no mother to visit. I do feel for you.

Sending hugs and get-well wishes.

But do you think you could please stop breathing so heavily in this direction? Thank you so much! ;)

Just kidding.

Rob K said...

Thank you so much, Jay! I am feeling better and your lovely message is the best kind of medicine.

It is very hard to watch Mother's Day from the sidelines, but you're right--we shouldn't begrudge people this special kind of joy.

And I promise not to send you any cyber-germs.


Oops--sorry about that!

Take care.