Wednesday, August 27, 2008

History in the Making

This just in from the Associated Press...

Barack Obama swept to the Democratic presidential nomination Wednesday night, a transforming triumph that made him the first black American to lead a major party into the fall campaign for the White House.

Thousands of national convention delegates stood and cheered as they made history.

I haven't been watching the Democratic convention much this time around and I've been doing my best to avoid the punditry and the mainstream media coverage, which are getting harder and harder to tell apart.

However, from the little I heard on National Public Radio each morning it sounded as if the Democrats were doing their best to shoot themselves in their collective foot.

In other words, they were being Democrats.

So I take comfort in this moment and I salute Hillary Clinton for stepping aside. I keep hearing all this talk about angry Clinton supporters who feel she was cheated out of her day in the sun.

Well, you know something? I was a Clinton supporter. I voted for her in the New York primary and I was all set to vote for her in November.

But it didn't work out that way. And I want to say here and now that she took all sorts of abuse because she was a woman and it was reprehensible.

I felt badly for her, but I want my party to win--for a change. I don't believe these liars who claim that they are so upset that Hillary didn't get the nod that they're going to vote for McCain.

As the kids like to say...WTF?!? If you believe that, then you're not a Democrat, you never were a Democrat, and you will never be a Democrat.

Insane McCain is Bush's cranky old uncle and if you vote for this psycho with his bomb-bomb-bomb Iran and his drill here, drill now then please do us real Democrats a favor and register with the GOP.

You want tax cuts for the rich? You want the environment pillaged? You want an endless war? Then vote for McCain because that's what you'll get.

I have some hope now, but the race is still too tight and I'm afraid that it's largely a matter of...race, as in black and white. Check this out from the same AP story:

"A lot of white workers ... and quite frankly a lot of union members believe he's the wrong race," AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka told a breakfast meeting of Michigan delegates.

Wrong race? I go back to my previous remark of...WTF!?! I don't give a rat's ass if the guy is purple, if he's running against the rancid, hateful politics of the Republican Party, then, by God, he's got my vote.

I used to get angry when I heard African-Americans say that the U.S. is a racist country. No way, I thought. Sure, we've got some problems, but we've made such tremendous gains. How could you possibly think my country is racist?

Now I know what those folks were talking about. If you're going to let race get in the way of putting a Democrat in the White House, well, guess what? You're a racist! And you ain't no Democrat.

I'm thinking of Jack Nicholson's line in Batman, when as the Joker, he shouts "this town needs an enema!"

The whole country needs the enema to clear out eight years of Bushco crap. Please, for Christ's sake, don't let the color of a man's skin blind you to what he has in his heart.

We're a better country, a better people, than that. Now let's prove it.


Calamity Jen said...

Hear hear! If only I could vote in the States...

Rob K said...

I'll tell you, Jen, if that nutbag McCain actually gets elected, we may be neighbors because I will NOT live in a country with that psycho in charge.

Btw, did you know that McCain is a former POW...?