Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogade is Coming!

Hear, ye, hear, ye, all you Brooklyn bloggers!

The incredible Brooklyn Blogade will be coming to Park Slope this Sunday, June 22.

Blogade is a monthly meet-up of bloggers from around our great borough, where people come together to talk, network, exchange ideas, kvetch, kibbitz, and generally shoot the breeze.

This month's event will be hosted by that famous man of letters from across the pond, Adrian Kinloch of Brit in Brooklyn. The emphasis will be on photoblogger, so shutterbugs take note.

The particulars:

What:Brooklyn Blogade: Picture This
When: Sunday, June 22, Noon
Where: Root Hill Cafe 4th Avenue and Carroll, Park Slope, Brooklyn
RSVP: ak@adriankinloch.net

As a Bay Ridge native, I'd like to see some of the peeps from my neck of the urban woods show up at this shindig.

So don't just sit there in front of your keyboard. Haul on down to the Root Hill Cafe and introduce yourself to the funkiest bunch of bloggers you'll ever meet.


Jennifer G. said...

At first when I read this, I thought it said the "Root Canal Cafe." Hmmm.

Rob K said...

No, that's my dentist's place.