Sunday, May 11, 2008

After Fest

Okay, I know I'm late in the day with this, but I want to add my name to the list of people who had a great time at Thursday's blogfest.

I thought we had an excellent turnout with a lot of new faces and an incredible variety of interests. I met some very nice people, while putting away beer and Mexican food.

I introduced the shout-out and then helped coordinate the huge mass of people who wanted to take to the stage and tell the world about their blog.

Big thanks to Louise of Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and a tip of the cyber-hat to all the other fabulous folks who helped put this thing on the map, like Eleanor from Creative Times and Petra from Bed-Stuy Blog.

There was a great video about the bloggers from Blue Barn Pictures and an excellent tribute to the photo-bloggers from The Brooklyn Optimist.

Thanks also to my bud Xris of Flatbush Gardner, who took many excellent photos, including that one I ripped off for this post.

Hey, if you're going to steal, steal from the best.

I have to say, yet again, that I am so glad I got involved with this singularly talented group of people.

As I said during my intro to the shout-out, when I started my blog, I felt like a guy who had been lost in the jungle and blogging was my way of firing a flare into the sky.

Over the last year, I've learned things about myself and my surroundings and for that I am tremendously grateful.

Thank you, one and all.


Castillo said...


It was great seeing again, I wish I had time to speak with. The Blogfest opening video link is below. Did I mentioned you look good in B&W.

Castillo said...

The word missing for the above comment is 'you'. It has been a long day.

Rob K said...

No problem, man. I know what you meant.

I think that video is fantastic.

Now if I could do the black and white thing all the time...