Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shoot The Freak!

Ego alert!

My article and video about Coney Island are finally ready for your reading and viewing pleasure at

I sent the link to the story to just about everyone I know, but in case you somehow escaped my desperate need for praise, you can find the story here.

In the looking at the video, I think I speak just a little too quickly and I don't make enough eye contact with the camera.

You're supposed to treat that lens as another person, so I'm sorry if it looks like I'm giving you the cold shoulder, but I'm new at this stuff.

The lede on the print version of the story got trimmed in a way that I did not like, but that is the nature of journalism, I suppose. I'm trying to put that behind me, though, and focus on the good stuff.

Linda, the tour guide who showed me around Coney Island, wrote such a lovely e-mail to me that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

At the time this video was shot, Linda's mother was literally at death's door and, in fact, died just a few days later. It was a crazy, terrible time for her and it struck a familiar note with me, having lost my father in January.

I'm glad she was able to meet up with me for the video, but by that time there was little she could do for her mom. At times like these, keeping busy is the only way of keeping sane.

So it was nice to get this message from Linda this morning: (Son of Ego Alert!)

"This has been a wonderful experience for me. I do want to say the most wonderful part of it was meeting you, Rob. Your warmth and empathy touched me deeply at a time when I needed warmth and empathy. You are a lovely person."

I make no claims to being a lovely person, but if I said or did something that helped Linda during that critical stage of her life, then I am very happy indeed.

Now click on to my video and shower me with praise! I'm hurting, people!


Calamity Jen said...

Okay, okay, stop hurting! You did a terrific job.

Rob K said...

Oh, bless you, Jen! I couldn't have held out much longer!!